Though I have always been intrigued by seeking out healthier choices, my decision to become a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach was in large part due to the avoidable early death of my father. Drastic events like these tend to shape our lives and motivate many of us. I believe the key to living a healthy lifestyle lies within maintaining an enjoyable thought process, a body that makes YOU happy, and an awareness that we will encounter things we may not be able to fully understand or explain.

The name Holy Fit USA is clearly a play on words, revealing that we like to keep things fun and not so serious. Your fitness journey should not be that of misery. We want you to teach you how to have fun with the process of improving your health so you may carry on with the happiest/healthiest version of yourself long after our job is done.

Our name may lead you to believe that we push a certain religion throughout this journey which couldn’t be farther from the truth. The morals instilled in most religions are pretty relative to each other, therefore, no need to identify who is right or wrong. There’s a way in this world that none of us may every fully understand 100% and that’s perfectly ok. Our focus is to do right by our families, friends, and neighbors so as to let this way of life positively impact the world as outlined in the domino effect.

Global Bodybuilding Organization Pro!
I always say, “Helping others is the most selfish thing one can do.” Why, you might ask? The reward I experience when I have improved the life of another is the most satisfying feeling in the world. There is no better feeling! Often times, our clients are so pleased with the way their life has transformed, they have a tendency to take the necessary steps to complete our training course, obtain necessary certifications, and join our team so they can help others do the same!

I never realized how much I had learned from my favorite childhood movie “The Lion King” until recently. If I could use one phrase to explain how I have learned to live my life after everything I have taken from my own fitness journey, it would be HAKUNA MATATA!

Can’t wait to hear from you!